Concrete Tiles Mutiara
Concrete Tiles Mutiara
Concrete Tiles Mutiara
Concrete Tiles Mutiara
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17 Jun 2020
1 pcs
IDR 7.500

Specification of

Pearl tile is one of the best brands of tiles in its class. With oil cet finishing, giving a glossy effect on the tile surface, available in multiline type and stone motifs, weighs approximately 5kilo per pc. Fill per meter 10 pieces. For maximum results and suggested slope of the roof at least 30 Degrees.

Concrete Tiles are made of materials: sand, cement and fly ash materials mixed with water and printed which are then dried. The strength of this tile is influenced by the cleanliness and size of the grains of sand used, as well as the material of cement as bonding agent. Fly ash is needed as a filler to fill the gaps between the sand grains, resulting in a more solid and strong tile.
This type of tile on the market in two forms of concrete roof tiles and flat concrete roof tiles. The lid capacity of both is almost the same, ie 9-10 pieces of tile per m2.
Compared with other tile concrete tiles have weaknesses and advantages. The advantages are stronger and more economical. Strong due to rust-proof concrete roof, compared with metal roof tiles. The price is also relatively affordable compared to other materials tile.

Sell ​​Cheap Concrete Tiles

We sell cheap concrete tile, namely Concrete Pile Concrete with the following specifications
- Flat Vertical: 33 cm x 42 cm
- Flat Horizontal: 42 cm x 33 cm
- Distance of Vertical battles: 36 cm
- Horizontal border distance: 26 cm
 Concrete pearl tiles have the following advantages:
- product quality in accordance with SNI standard
- high quality concrete strengths are harvested using selected raw materials
- resistant leaking due to strong interlock system so that water will not tampias caused by rain or strong winds
- economical because of the area of ​​cover per tile area so that saving battens and tile.
- choices varying in design and color
- Rust resistant concrete roof



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