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Gypsum Jayaboard
Gypsum Jayaboard
Gypsum Jayaboard
Gypsum Jayaboard
Gypsum Jayaboard
Gypsum Jayaboard
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IDR 73000.00

Specification of

Jayaboard® gypsum board is the first and best gypsum board in Indonesia. It is the most durable, lightweight, gypsum board without reducing other performance with the most consistent quality in Indonesia. Application as a standard ceiling and partitions in various types of buildings.

Sell ​​cheap gypsum Gypsum Jayaboard

We sell cheap gypsum namely Gypsum Jayaboard with the following explanation:

Physical Properties:
- Weight: 5.1 Kg / m2 (9mm thick) & 7.1 Kg / m2 (12 mm thick)
- Thickness: 9mm & 12mm
- 2400mm long
- Width: 1200mm

- Green Label Singapore Certification & Green Listing
- Free asbestos
- Low TVOC content
- Non radioactive material
- Recyclable material

Application Recommendations:
- Partitions and Ceiling
- Wallcoverings
- Aesthetic Ornaments

Features & Benefits:
- Anti-Lute Technology up to 60cm frame installation.
- Lighter without reducing performance
- The edge is stronger
- Consistent core strength
- Screw Line Innovation is the only one in Indonesia

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