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Bitumen Tile ONDUVILLA
Bitumen Tile ONDUVILLA
Bitumen Tile ONDUVILLA
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IDR 50000.00

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ONDUVILLA Tile is an ideal lightweight roof tile that is ideal for replacing concrete and clay roofs. ONDUVILLA is a unique and complete system suitable for renovation or new building and can be applied using lightweight steel frame or wood frame.
ONDUVILLA Tile is a bitumen roof product made of fiber cellulose, bitumen and rasin. This tile is designed to resemble a ceramic tile model with an attractive color variant as it is available in shaded and 3D color variants. Also equipped with a complete accessories system to produce the best roofing solution for you!

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CV. MAESTRO is engaged in the procurement of building materials and is also a distributor of cheap tile various types of tile. One of them is Bitumen Tile ONDUVILLA with product specification:
- Material: Cellulose Bitumen
- Length: 106 cm
- Width: 40 cm
- Thickness: 0.3 cm
- Wave Height: 4 cm
- Area Effective: 0.31 m2 / sheet
- Weight: 1.27 kg (4kg per m2)
- Carbon footprint: 4 kg eq CO: m2

The advantages of using onduvilla bitumen tile
- strong against pressure and heat
- one type of roof that is environmentally friendly
- resistant to leaking / antibocor

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