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Iron Hollow Zincalume
Iron Hollow Zincalume
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IDR 17500.00

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Iron Hollow Zincalume

Iron zincalume hollow is a type of pipe box that has a good square, light, very strong, efficient in work, with cheaper competitive price.

Zincalume hollow iron or Galvalume iron hollow made from Zinc-Aluminum matrial from High Tensile G550 coated material, Zinc-Aluminum thickness 100 gr / m2 (AZ 100).

Iron hollow zincalume is the right solution for the framework of the ceiling and partition wall framework, so the building is free of corrosion, corrosion or corrosion by the weather, especially rainwater containing acid or salt water (salt), fireproof, anti-termite, and rodents others.

This product is more concerned with the quality of strength, durability and security for long-term development needs, Jobs become easier, faster, lightweight, sturdy with neat results.

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