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Light steel Zincalume Taso
Light steel Zincalume Taso
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Sell Light steel Zincalume Taso

Specification of Light steel Zincalume Taso

TASO present as KASO and RENG with LIGHT STEEL material for:
- Replacement of rafters and battens on wooden / steel horses
- Tulangan partisi and keprluan in interior space
- Lightweight steel horses with a certain stretch and a certain distance between horses with metal / asbestos loading (light tile load)

Made from Zincalume, TASO is made especially for those of you who want a STRONG roof truss, LIGHT, ANTI RAYAP, AWET LIFE and has many other advantages over WOOD.

Advantages of Light Steel TASO:
- Guaranteed materials 10 years
- Certificate of SNI / ISO
- Quality & Accurate Material Thickness as needed material thickness (Full)
- Structuralization according to the rules of the Indonesian Construction Association (AKI)
- Installation without combination of material thickness of high quality product  Zincalume 0.75 S / d 1 Mili
- Structure is lighter & stronger
- Structure stable & safe
- High and sturdy precision
- HR certified & experienced
- Certificate of UGM / UI materials
- Flexible design on demand
- Easy and faster in installation
- Material made in factory with high precision
- Environmentally friendly
- Anti Termite (lifetime)

Sell ​​Cheap Lightweight Steel TASO

We sell TASO cheap light steel with the following specifications:
- Zincalum coating Az. 100 = 50 gr / m2
- Composition 55% Aluminum (AL)
- Hi-Ten steel quality (G550)
- Modulus - Elasticity: 2.1 x 105 mpa
- Shear modulus: 8 x 104 mpa
- Price: Nego
- Payment Method: Nego
- Quality: Square Meters (m2)
- Peek & Delivery

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