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  Maestro Atap, a bitumen tile supplier company located in Jakarta. We sell bitumen tile which is a type of tile made from asphalt mixed with other materials, namely several types of organic fibers, pulp, resins and other mixed materials. Selling bitumen tile intended for waterproof or waterproof systems, so that if used as a building roof, the risk of leakage can be said to be nonexistent. Selling bitumen tile which has several advantages such as:
- Its weight is much lighter than clay tile, so that in making the framework and construction for its installation can also be minimized
- Like ceramic tile, this tile is also able to absorb heat so that the room still feels cool despite the hot weather
- Asphalt tile is flexible so it is not easily broken or broken if stepped on by the foot. The nuances generated are also more luxurious and have high taste.
- Suitable to be applied to all architectural style buildings, both modern and traditional.
We provide various types of tile sizes, types and brands. Buy through us for your needs at competitive bitumen tile prices.
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