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Maestro (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

CV MAESTRO is a company engaged in the procurement of building materials and their applications, which was founded in 2007. The products we provide include:

Is a material that functions as a cover for the roof of buildings such as houses, buildings, schools, places of worship and various other types of buildings. The types of tile that we sell are: Ceramic tile, which is made of clay which is burned at a certain temperature with a various color glazing finish. SNI Concrete Tile with paint finishing. Spandek wave roof and rock metal tile

Lightweight steel roof truss
We provide materials and experts for lightweight steel roof truss applications. Light steel roof truss products available at our company: MASTER TRUSS, TASO, SPYRO TRUSS.

Building Structure Materials
Are the main building supporting materials, including: CEILING BRICK, BATARINGAN AND BONDEK.

Interior of the building
We provide all types of materials that serve to add to the aesthetics of the building, including; procurement and installation of Gypsum Ceiling and Gypsum Partitions.

Concrete Material
We provide materials that use the basic ingredients of cement, sand and calcium as basic ingredients. These products include; Paving Block, Grass Block, Concrete Buis, Rooster.


Jl. Raya M Kahfi I, No. 2, Ciganjur, Jakarta Selatan Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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